The Unofficial Guide to Nutella by Michelle Fabiola

February 7, 2012

Yesterday, besides being SuperBowl Sunday, was also World Nutella Day. While I learned this from Amazon in an advertisement for this book, I was actually looking for a dessert idea to bring along to a SuperBowl party so I bought it. There really isn’t much to this book other than the recipes, but I found it worth the 99 cents it cost me for my Kindle. It is a cute look at what type of Nutella fan you are, how people eat Nutella and what you can put Nutella on, along with some really yummy sounding recipes. If you are a Nutella fan, get this book.

And in case you were wondering what I brought to the party, I brought a tray with mini Nilla wafers, pretzels sticks, strawberries and raspberries, with Nutella for the dip. It was a huge hit!