Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

October 14, 2013

night walkerIf you haven’t figured it out by now, I love paranormal romances. This is a vampire series I hadn’t come across before, until I won a prize package from the author.

In this series, the vampires are referred to as Night Walkers. Calisto has waited centuries for his true love Tala to be reborn. Kate doesn’t remember her previous life as Tala, but has continuing nightmares of the events leading up to Tala’s death. When Calisto and Kate cross paths, he recognizes her instantly, the woman who he became immortal to love again. She feels drawn to him, but doesn’t immediately make the connection. As they spend time together, she begins to have good dreams of their time together and eventually remembers her previous life. This couple experiences many obstacles along their way, including a jealous assistant, an unexpected pregnancy (no spoiler there, I knew a long time before Kate figures it out), a group out to get Calisto, and a crazed monk who wants to be a god. In the end, they get their HEA, and you are happy to see them get it.

But there is a little hook at the end to make you want to read the next book, which I will be starting as soon as I finish this. . .


Flirting Under a Full Moon by Ashlyn Chase

July 8, 2013

flirting under a full moonThe wonderful people at Sourcebooks Publishing have started sending me advance copies of some of their romance books every month.  Many of them are paranormal or historical romances, which I enjoy.  One of the first they sent me was published in April and I am a little late in reviewing it.

Flirting Under a Full Moon is a light-hearted paranormal romance which I really enjoyed.  It brings together waitress Brandee Hanson and a regular customer Nick “One Night Nick” Wolfensen.  After a string of bad relationships, Brandee has no desire to start one with a playboy like Nick.  Nick just happens to be a werewolf, which Brandee has no idea about.  Nick is ready to change his playboy ways because he has discovered mate, his true love that he has been searching for for about a century, and it just happens to be Brandee.  Nick has a lot to overcome to convince Brandee to even give him a chance, and a bigger hurtle when he must confess to her what he is.  Things in the town’s paranormal community are controlled by Gaia, known to others as Mother Nature, and she does not want others finding out about the paranormals and gods and goddesses that are nearby, so that makes the whole thing trickier.  But love does overcome all that is going on around them, and I really enjoyed the way it played out in this book.

Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton

July 8, 2013

CastingSpellsOur May Mystery Fiends theme was Cozy Craft Mysteries, so I of course had to find one that also involved some paranormal aspects along with the crafting.  The book is set in the town of Sugar Maple, Vermont, a more than ideal New England town.  In this town, everything is pretty perfect – the snow doesn’t fall on the streets or sidewalks only on the grass, the roads are never icy, there is never any crime and hence no police force – because the town is protected by a magical spell.  The town is also a haven for various kinds of supernatural creatures which the spell makes seem normal to any outside visitor.  Unfortunately the spell is beginning to unravel because the next generation of sorcerer who is supposed to protect the town is half-human and doesn’t seem to possess any powers to reinforce the spell.  This seemingly powerless sorcerer is Chloe Hobbs, owner of the knitting store Sticks & String.  When the totally unexpected happens and a visitor to the town is found dead,  the state decides to send over an officer to investigate.  Luke MacKenzie suspects some strange things are going on, especially when he begins to spend more time with the Chloe.  And as Chloe begins to fall in love with Luke, her powers begin to manifest and she can’t always control them.  As they try to solve the murder, things get a little out of hand.

Overall I liked both the mystery and romance storylines in this book.  I liked both Chloe and Luke, and will read more of the book in this series to see how their relationship develops.


The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe

April 22, 2013

the sweetest darkI received a free Advance Readers Edition of this book.  I never read her Drakon series before this book, but from what I understand, this series exists in the same “world” as those, but this one is written for young adults.  I don’t think I have read a book with characters who could change to dragons before except for a novella in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Were-Hunter series, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  As it turns out, this book is sort-of alternative historical fiction, set in England during the first World War, and is not set on another planet somewhere in the author’s imagination, and for me this makes the book much better as I am not a big sci-fi fantasy reader.

The book follows Lora Jones, a seventeen-year-old orphan who seems like everyone else, but hears music from metals and gemstones, and an occasional voice who speaks to her.  When she had spoken of this as a child, they put her through some brutal “cures” for her mental problems at the orphanage, so she had learned to not mention it to anyone.  Lora receives a scholarship to an elite boarding school called Iverson as their charity case for the year, and so is able to leave the London orphanage for the southern coast of England.  As the only poor student there, Lora is ridiculed by some and left somewhat on her own overall.  She meets and befriends two boys, one the groundskeeper Jesse, and the other Armand, the son of the duke who finances the whole school and her scholarship.  Once she meets them, her life will never be the same as she learns and begins to embrace what she truly is.  And, as has become common in many adult novels after the success of the Twilight series, both boys want her heart; a plot device which I find I am growing a bit tired of.  While they are not vampire and werewolf, neither of these boys is entirely human either.

Overall I found myself totally immersed in the story of these characters.  I read the book in about two days, and will probably pick up the next book in the series.  If you are looking for a new YA series and don’t mind if the characters aren’t totally human, give this one a try.

Lover at Last by J. R. Ward

April 6, 2013

lover at lastThis book is the newest addition in another of my favorite series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  In it we finally get Blay and Quinn’s story.  We have come to know these two characters over the course of the last few books and have seen them change from good friends to something else.  I was a little unsure if the author was going to be able to write the same type of book that she usually does with two male characters as the romantic main couple of the story, but she pulls it off.  The romantic scenes are done well without being overly graphic.  The relationship felt real and moved me just as the other main relationships in previous books have.  The book also has a lot going on with other recurring characters and definitely advances the series overall and sets things up for the next book.  And the author just recently announced the title of next year’s book: The King.  It’s going to be a long wait!