Lady Vivian Defies a Duke by Samantha Grace

July 8, 2013

lady vivian defies a dukeAnother ARC (advance reading copy) from Sourcebooks, one of my favorite publishers.  This one came out in May and if you are a fan of historical romances, I would definitely suggest picking this one up.

Lady Vivian Worth knows how to behave like a lady when she needs to, but when no one is around, why does she need to?  Luke Forest, the Duke of Foxhaven, finds out that along with his title comes a fiance that he is anxious to get rid of.  So he rides to her estate to let her family know.  Their first encounter finds her stripped down and swimming. When Vivian realizes that she has gotten caught doing something she shouldn’t be doing, she sends the Duke off in the wrong direction, thinking he is someone in the Duke’s employ.  When Luke finally makes it to the estate, Vivian humorously tries to disguise herself to no avail, hoping that he will not report on her bad behavior.  When Luke and she finally get to talking about their situation, Luke explains that he wants out of the commitment and that he will attempt to find her another suitor.  Lady Vivian vows to change his mind, and Luke soon realizes that he really doesn’t want to see her with someone else.