Elizabeth’s Bondage by Nikki Sex

August 12, 2013

elizabeth's bondageAfter reading Amy’s Forbidden Fantasy, I decided to try another book by the same author.  I got this book for free and then bought the rest of this set.  Elizabeth and her husband Mark come to Las Vegas to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  Elizabeth wakes up tied to a bed, naked and blindfolded.  She finds out that her captor also has her husband captured nearby.  What she doesn’t know is that her husband arranged the whole thing with a nontraditional “sex therapist”  to restart their sexual relationship which had gone flat.  Elizabeth’s captor awakens in Elizabeth the knowledge that though she is a kick-ass take-charge woman in her career as a lawyer, she really wants a man to take charge in the bedroom, and that neither she nor her husband were expressing what they truly wanted out of their sexual relationship.  In the end, even when Elizabeth finds out that Mark arranged it, this encounter is good for their relationship.


Amy’s Forbidden Fantasy by Nikki Sex

August 12, 2013

amy's forbidden fantasyAmy’s Forbidden Fantasy was a book that was free on Amazon when I bought it.  I was undecided as to what to read last week and the cover intrigued me, so I chose to read it.  There is not much story here so it is a very quick, but pretty well-written, read.  Basically Amy wants to participate in a gang-bang and her lover decides that will be her birthday present, even though he is hesitant to let her do it or to participate in it.  It happens and when it is over, she has gotten it out of her system and they go on with their relationship.  Not much here in the way of story, but not a total waste of time to read.  I actually liked the writing enough to try another book by this author.

Exposed to You by Beth Kery

August 12, 2013

exposed to youPrevious to this I had read Beth Kery’s Because You Are Mine series and enjoyed it, so I was excited to read another novel by her.  As I started it, I realized that I had read the first chapter of the book as a preview (probably in the last book in the other series).  And when I had read it, I hadn’t been sure about reading this novel because in that chapter, the heroine has just found out that she has cancer.  That knowledge is one of the things that leads her to do something totally out of character with an unknown actor whom she had been painting a body tattoo on.  But since I had the novel, I decided to give it a try and I am glad that I did.

Following that scene in the first chapter, the book skips ahead to the following year, after her treatments are finished, where Joy realizes that that “unknown” actor was actual superstar Everett Hughes.  Everett has not let his superstardom go to his head, but he has a lot of trouble convincing Joy to trust him and their developing feelings for each other.  Joy must learn to live with the fame that comes with dating a superstar if she wants the relationship to continue, and must learn to trust that he is as genuine as he seems to be.  But when a cancer scare returns, she reverts to her old ways and runs, and he must figure out where she is and prove to her all over again that he will stay by her side through the good times and the bad, even if she doesn’t want him to have to go through the bad times with her.

I liked that the hurtles in this relationship weren’t just a jealous ex-lover making waves, but a situation that could happen to anyone.  Joy’s love for Everett makes her not want him to have to experience what she went through caring for her mother dying of cancer.  It just made this book seems very real, while still portraying a dynamite love story.

To Seek a Master by Monica Belle

May 4, 2013

to seek a masterThis is a re-issue under the branding of “Black Lace Classics”.  I remember reading some of the books in this line back in the early 90’s.  (Here is the story on the re-launch of the line.)  This was not one I had read back then, but the galley was available on NetGalley so I decided to give it a try.

Shy Laura begins receiving emails at work.  She is unsure who is emailing her about what she is wearing, and sets out to try to find out by process of elimination.  When she finally finds out who it is, they begin an unusual relationship that fulfills desires she didn’t know she had.  I basically skimmed this book as I wasn’t that into these characters or the situations.  It was a little too out there for me and since these were characters that I didm’t really care about or care about getting to know, I didn’t even try.

Platinum by Jeffe Kennedy

April 13, 2013

PlatinumI received a review copy of this book from NetGalley.  The book is set mainly in an art gallery run by prim and proper southern girl, Althea Grant, an albino.  (My first thought was that I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where the main character was an albino.)   Althea has used her trust fund money to open the gallery, which is not doing well.  With a roar of his motorcycle, artist Steel shows up to show her his artwork and rent space in her basement to work on his next sculpture.  Since she is in desperate need of the money, Althea agrees to rent him the space.  Steel wants Althea and challenges her to move outside her comfort zone and spend time with him.  She dumps her current boyfriend and begins a relationship unlike any she has ever had with Steel.  While this book does not have a whole lot of plot other than that of Althea growing and exploring her sensual side, it was an enjoyable quick hot read.