All the Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

all the truthAt a recent book discussion I attended, one of the members was raving about this book, though it is unusual and quite different from what she regularly reads.  I received an advance reading copy of the book and decided to give it a try.  The book is written as if it is the journal of the main character.  We get to know her thoughts and her perspective on what is happening around her.  She writes it as if writing a letter to the boy she pines after.  The story starts off to be almost a little confusing.  You don’t know exactly what happened to her, or where the story is set or even the time period it is set in.  Though you do eventually find out what happened to her, you never really do find out the where or when of the story.  It could be in the past, possibly in colonial times in America, or it could be some type of alternate reality or post-apocalyptic time.   Not knowing doesn’t really hurt the story.  The book is a very compelling read, hard to put down once you have begun, as you really want to know what happened to Judith and if she will ever get together with Lucas.  I don’t really want to give away much of the plot, so I will just say that she got abducted and mutilated, is now assumed to be mute, she is looked upon with much suspicion, and eventually needs to find her “voice” to save herself and the one she loves.  This book is a must-read that I would recommend for both YA and adult readers.  There is a small element of romance to it, but I would not categorize it as a romance; it is actually hard to categorize.  There is also a good dose of mystery to it to.  If you are looking for something a little “different”, make sure you give this one a try.


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