Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton

CastingSpellsOur May Mystery Fiends theme was Cozy Craft Mysteries, so I of course had to find one that also involved some paranormal aspects along with the crafting.  The book is set in the town of Sugar Maple, Vermont, a more than ideal New England town.  In this town, everything is pretty perfect – the snow doesn’t fall on the streets or sidewalks only on the grass, the roads are never icy, there is never any crime and hence no police force – because the town is protected by a magical spell.  The town is also a haven for various kinds of supernatural creatures which the spell makes seem normal to any outside visitor.  Unfortunately the spell is beginning to unravel because the next generation of sorcerer who is supposed to protect the town is half-human and doesn’t seem to possess any powers to reinforce the spell.  This seemingly powerless sorcerer is Chloe Hobbs, owner of the knitting store Sticks & String.  When the totally unexpected happens and a visitor to the town is found dead,  the state decides to send over an officer to investigate.  Luke MacKenzie suspects some strange things are going on, especially when he begins to spend more time with the Chloe.  And as Chloe begins to fall in love with Luke, her powers begin to manifest and she can’t always control them.  As they try to solve the murder, things get a little out of hand.

Overall I liked both the mystery and romance storylines in this book.  I liked both Chloe and Luke, and will read more of the book in this series to see how their relationship develops.



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