Harry Lipkin, Private Eye by Barry Fantoni

Harry Lipkin Private EyeThis month’s Mystery Fiends book discussion focuses on mysteries set in hot climates (we did nordic noir/books set in cold climates in January). I had already read some of the Joanna Brady series and had a hold that I was waiting for on Death by Darjeeling, so I decided to read an galley of Harry Lipkin, Private Eye that we had around.

Harry Lipkin is an 87 year old private investigator who lives in Miami, Florida.  The book is told from his point of view.  His observations were from the point of view of an 87 year old man, and a lot of his references were before my time.  It was a slow-paced mystery that the description on Amazon says “will appeal to fans of Alexander McCall Smith” (who I am not really a fan of).  The mystery itself involves a wealthy woman who finds that someone in her home is stealing items.  The cast of suspects are similar to the cast of the game Clue.  The perpetrator is a little bit of a surprise.

If you like a slow-paced mystery, and are at least retirement age or older, you may enjoy this.  But I really didn’t.


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