Hot Ticket: Sinners On Tour by Olivia Cunning

hot ticketThis book is part of a series and is the only one that I have read; I had heard good things about the first book in the series.  I got the book as a review galley and was a little uncomfortable with it as I began reading it.  The main characters are Jace, a member of the band Sinners, and Agatha, a dominatrix.  Jace comes to her wanting her to give him pain because he feels he deserves it.  The whole idea just makes me uncomfortable, and I had a hard time getting into the book.  I liked Agatha, who was confident and self-assured.  I didn’t really understand what she saw in Jace, but then again I like my heroes to be confident and self-assured, and Jace certainly isn’t that at first.  Agatha and Jace fall for each other and begin a relationship, and she goes on tour with the band.  She works hard to get Jace to open up to her and the other members of the band.  I did like Jace more as the book went on and he gained confidence in himself, and did begin to like the other band members more too.  Overall I felt it was an okay book, but I did feel like I was missing some of the back story on the others.  People who have read the other books in the series will probably enjoy this entry into the series more than I did.


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