Release Me by J. Kenner

release meI read an early galley of Release Me by J. Kenner and should have reviewed it when I finished it, but I didn’t.  I went to go look for it and no longer had access to the galley.  I read the description to try to jumpstart my memory and remembered that I had really liked the book and had been looking forward to reading the sequel.  Release Me is the first book of a trilogy.  So I immediately went to Amazon to buy the second book and found that I had to pre-order it as it is not available until April 23rd.

This book has been getting compared to Fifty Shades and Bared to You, and fans of those books will definitely enjoy it.  But if you read Fifty Shades and sometimes cringed at the writing style, you find a much better written story in Release Me.  The stories sound similar on the surface – wealthy, wildly successful businessman and young, new to the business world woman feel an irresistible pull between them.  But a major difference here is that the young woman in this tale is a stronger, more confident woman not a seemingly innocent ingenue.  Both characters have issues to overcome to make their relationship work.  The thing is that the relationship between Damien Stark and Nikki Fairchild seems more realistic, as does the whole story.  I do remember the book seemed to come to what I felt was a bit of an abrupt end, making me want to know what happens next (and thus my need to go order the next book.)  This is a book, and most likely a trilogy, that I recommend.


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