The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon

the guardianI am so looking forward to reading Styxx when it comes out, so I wanted to catch up with the books that I missed during a very busy year last year.  I read Retribution around the new year, read The Guardian last month, will read Time Untime soon.  The Guardian is set back in the worlds of the Greek and Atlantean gods, unlike Retribution which was set with the realm of Native American gods.

Solin is being tortured by Seth, guardian of the nether realm.  Lydia comes to rescue him and ends up as Seth’s captive.  As they spend time together and get to know one another, a relationship begins to develop between Seth and Lydia, as Lydia realizes that Seth is not there of his own free will.  Seth is one of Kenyon’s classic tortured heroes and this story will hit all the right notes with her fans.  This book ties in with many aspects from the series, but at times I was having a hard time remembering things that were mentioned.  The end feels a bit rushed but overall the book was a satisfying read.


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