Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

beyond shameDystopian fiction is not something I usually look for, but this dystopian romance caught my eye.  Noelle Cunningham is from the City, where the “best” of society lives after solar storms had destroyed everything.  She is the daughter of a wealthy politician who gets into trouble and is exiled from the City.  Outside the City the area is broken down into sectors, each controlled by a gang.  Noelle finds herself in Eden which is controlled by the O’Kane gang.  She is rescued by one of its members who is close with its leader.  She begins working at a club run by the O’Kane gang and finds herself attracted to her rescuer Jasper and he to her.  The society of the sector is very sexually open and Noelle finds herself beginning a relationship with Jasper that eventually includes the leader of the gang and his girlfriend.

The relationship in the book follows a somewhat familiar pattern, even if the setting for it is rather different.  Boy rescues girl, they find themselves attracted to one another, they give in to the attraction, they question where the relationship is going, something happens where he gives her up for her own good, she steps up and proves that they belong together.  While I enjoyed the book to some extent, I am not sure I will pick up the sequel about the gang leader’s relationship.


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