Bite-Sized Marketing by Dowd, Evangeliste & Silberman


I have had this book sitting on my shelf at work for a few weeks now. With a subtitle of “realistic solutions for the overworked librarian”, I had thought that it sounded like an interesting resource. I recently found out that I would be hearing one of the authors, Nancy Dowd, speaking at a professional development session next Friday so I thought It was time for me to read it. I read the book from cover to cover in less than a week, but it is split up by topics and could be read in sections as needed (I guess in case you are an overworked librarian too busy to read the whole thing at one time!)

The book touches on many aspects of library marketing in a straightforward manner easily understandable even to someone without a marketing degree. Topics include: word-of-mouth marketing, collecting and telling your libraries stories, marketing electronic resources, public relations, redesigning websites, branding, and some best practices. Some of what I read reaffirmed things we are currently implementing at my library, but there were quite a few useful tips that we intend to put into practice. A library such as ours that has a marketing department will find the book useful, but so will libraries who have staff members (possibly those overworked librarians) doing their own marketing as one part of all their other duties.

I am looking forward to hearing the author speak next week and will update this posting with any additional tips that I get.


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