Making the Case for Your Library by Sally Gardner Reed

While this book would be best for libraries trying to get  a referendum passed or stop the closure of a facility, there are valid points to consider in it for all library marketers.  This book is about developing a strong message, for example what your library’s mission is and why that mission is important to the community.  It points out what makes an effective message; that it should be politically powerful, focused on the desired outcome, simple and repeatable, and adaptable to different audiences.  It talks about using your library board and friends group, who are often your most vocal and visible advocates for the library.  Possible avenues for getting your message out are also discussed: newsletters, letters to the editor and op-ed pieces, television coverage, public service announcements, general promotional materials, annual reports, endorsements, and presentations.  The point of all this is to let the public and your library’s community know why what the library has to offer matters, and to show how critical libraries are to the success of our larger communities.  The book contains a lot of good examples of newsletter articles, giveaways, and other things that have a strong message.  Library marketers can use these as inspiration for getting their own message out.  I already have used one or two of them in creating marketing items for our library.


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