Doing Social Media So It Matters: A Librarian’s Guide by Laura Solomon

This book, as the title states, is about social media programs in libraries.  It seems to be aimed at libraries that are considering starting a social media program more so that those who already have one in place.  The book can easily be skimmed by reading the “Bottom Line” statements in every section such as “Interact with people in social media, or risk becoming irrelevant” which act as little summaries.  The book covers some important considerations such as setting a goal for your social media program before starting one, employee guidelines, and evaluation.  The section I found most interesting was entitle “Status Update Makeovers” where she took dry, robotic sounding status updates and made them better by using expressive language that showed a real person was behind them.  A great tip from her was to use magazine headlines as a role model for status updates: you want them to be short, sweet and eye-catching.

Bottom line: worth reading if your library does not currently have a social media programming and probably worth skimming even if you already have one in place.


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