Library Success: A Celebration of Library Innovation, Adaptation, and Problem Solving

My new job is as the Marketing Specialist at the Eisenhower Public Library.  It appears to be my dream job, utilizing my education and experience with both marketing and libraries.  But I have never done marketing specifically for a library before so I decided to do some reading on the subject (what a surprise!)

Library Success was available on the shelf here at the library and so became the first book on the subject for my research.  While it touches on many topics dealing with libraries, everything from technology and e-resources to fund-raising, the chapter I spent time reading was on Marketing.  Some of the ideas from this book:

– understand the market segments that you serve

– plan and execute specific marketing programs that appeal to those groups

– there are 4 P’s to be aware of for libraries:  1. Product – the services offered, 2. Price of Service – what it cost the patrons in time and inconvenience to use a service, 3. Place – both the library itself and its website, 4. Promotion – how the library lets users know what products are available

– the value in setting goals and creating an identity as part of an overall marketing plan and then evaluating them

– that effective library marketing is innovative, persistent, and cost-conscious

Overall I found the chapter to be very helpful as a library marketer and I came away with some good ideas to try to implement.  Other library managers will find the other chapters just as helpful from the skimming I did of them.  A very worthwhile resource to add to your professional bookshelf.


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