Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

While I am still trying to read as many police procedurals as I can before my first Mystery Fiends Book Discussion Group at the end of March, this month we were doing historical mysteries for our genre study at the library. I chose to read the first book in the Lady Julia Grey series, “Silent in the Grave”. While it felt like a bit of a departure from all the police procedurals I had been reading recently, I enjoyed this foray into the 1880’s.

The book begins with the collapse of Lady Julia Grey’s husband during a dinner at their home. Nicholas Brisbane happens to be there to help catch and carry him to his bed. After her husband’s passing, Lady Julia finds out Nicholas had been retained by her husband to find out who was threatening him. Julia at first dismisses these claims of threats but later decides they are worth investigating when she comes across one of the letters. Julia and Nicholas begin to work together to find out if her husband was actually murdered. A relationship begins to form between them as the book progresses. Later books in this series supposedly have them forming an investigative and romantic partnership.

I really enjoyed the mystery story and the development of the relationship in this book. I can’t wait to read more about Julia and Nicholas in future books. I have also heard that the other four books in the series delve more into Nicholas’s background and involve more members of Julia’s family. Sounds like just the type of character-driven series that I love. I am heading to the library’s website as soon as I finish this to download the next book to my Kindle.

And I would just like to say once again how much I LOVE being able to download library books to my Kindle! My Kindle Touch and/or my Kindle Fire go with me wherever I go. And if for some reason I don’t have one of them with me, there is always the Kindle app on my iPhone! I am never without the current book I am reading and I love it..


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