Vampire Interrupted by Lynsay Sands

Reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood book earlier this week put me in a vampire state of mind as far as my reading choices go.  So I picked up Vampire Interrupted by Lynsay Sands off my reading pile.  This is the story of Marguerite, matriarch of the Argeneau clan, and her life-mate Julius, and is book 9 of the series (see below for the list of books in the series in order).  I have read the previous eight books, and as a lover of series books, enjoy revisiting characters met in previous books.  This vampire series doesn’t have all of the fighting and enemies that are so much a part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books and the Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series (both of which I love), but are more humorous and focus on the romance and the relationship between the main characters.  This entry in the series is the best so far, with well-developed characters and a well-written plot, with a major surprise for the family, which I won’t spoil here.  

Marguerite is in England with her partner Tiny trying to solve the mystery of who is Christopher Notte’s birth mother.  His father Julius won’t tell him and just keeps insisting she is dead to him.  Julius joins their group, with the excuse of protecting Marguerite from further attacks on her, and Marguerite and Julius realize they are life-mates.  Marguerite is hesitant at first, having previous been in a bad relationship for hundreds of years, but gives in the inevitable.  Julius still won’t reveal his son’s mother, but won’t stand in the way of the investigation, partly he wants the answer to be discovered.  This book kept my interest throughout with trying to figure out who Christopher’s mother was, trying to solve why she tried to kill him as an infant, and trying to figure out who was behind the attacks on Marguerite.  All in all, this book is an excellent addition to the series and clears up some confusion from the previous books.  Of course as soon as I finished it, I picked up the next in the series, Rogue Hunter, but I have force myself to put it aside for a while to read a book for my job at the library first. 

The  ArgeneauVampire Series by Lynsay Sands (in order):

  1. A Quick Bite
  2. Love Bites
  3. Single White Vampire
  4. Tall, Dark and Hungry
  5. A Bite to Remember
  6. Bite Me if You Can
  7. The Accidental Vampire
  8. Vampires Are Forever
  9. Vampire Interrupted
  10. The Rogue Hunter
  11. The Immortal Hunter
  12. The Renegade Hunter
  13. Born to Bite
  14. Hungry for You
  15. The Reluctant Vampire (May 2011)
  16. Born to Bite (August 2011) 
  17. Hungry for You (November 2011)

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