Lover Unleashed by J. R. Ward

Sorry to have been neglecting you; it has been way too long since I updated this blog.  First to blame was the Christmas holidays.  Then my winter quarter class for my MLIS was Managing Information Organizations and it was a killer!  No time to write anything that wasn’t related to the class.  This quarter I am taking Storytelling – it is soooo much more fun.  I should have more time this quarter to get back on track.  I did have time to read here and there, and I kept a list of all the books I should have reviewed over the last couple of months.  I will do a really quick review of each of them in my next post, but this time I just had to write about the book I just finished.  I also worked on my Shelfari account and am in the process of trying to get the widget to work with this WordPress blog.  It just isn’t working right. 

 I started Lover Unleashed on Sunday and finished it this evening.  I have to say that I have come to think of it as literary crack – it was so addictive I didn’t want to be doing anything else other than reading it and had to force myself to put it down a couple of times to get things done. 

As you may know, I love series books.  I love revisiting characters that I have come to know in previous books; it just feels like family.  Maybe in another post I’ll list all of my favorite series, but for right now I can’t get the Black Dagger Brotherhood out of my mine.  Lover Unleashed is the story of Vishous’s twin sister Payne and his wife Jane’s old boss Dr. Manuel Manello.  A lot of it is also a further development of Vishous and Jane’s relationship.  Vishous and Jane’s book was probably one of my least favorites, but this book has made me appreciate them more.  Lover Unleashed  had me hooked from the start and stands as one of the best in the series;  I was caught up in Payne and Manny’s story right from the start.  The book begins where the last one left off with Payne paralyzed from an accident while sparring with Wrath.  Jane brings Manny in to help her and things take off from there.  I don’t want to give too much away, but the only problem I had with the book was the unbelievable coincidence of two of the characters finding out that they are probably half-brothers with the same father.  I found that to be just a little too unbelievable.  Not that vampires and the whole Black Dagger Brotherhood thing is super realistic; I just found the coincidence to be a bit much.  But overall that one flaw doesn’t really diminish another excellent entry into the series.  I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and now I am sad that I have to wait until the next one comes out.  I may just start re-reading the series to fill the time – not that I don’t have a huge list of other things that I could be reading!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series (in order):

  1. Dark Lover
  2. Lover Eternal
  3. Lover Awakened
  4. Lover Revealed
  5. Lover Unbound
  6. Lover Enshrined
  7. The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider’s Guide
  8. Lover Avenged
  9. Lover Mine
  10. Lover Unleashed

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