The Ruby Rose Show by Sindy McKay

The Ruby Rose Show is part of the We Both Read series, a series of books meant to be read by parents and children together.  The pages alternate with the left side page containing more complex text to be read by the parent and the right side page containing easier reading material suitable for early reading levels to be read by the child.

The Ruby Rose Show is the story of Molly, her friend Abby and Molly’s big sister Sarah as they try to get to the concert of their favorite singer, Ruby Rose.  Molly is impatient to get there , but along the way they encounter a few mishaps which slow them down.  Once they do arrive, they find that Sarah does not have her credit card and they cannot get in to see the show.  Molly sneaks in backstage, is almost thrown out by security, but is rescued by some new friends they had made along their way.  These friends are able to help them stay to see the show and even provide an extra surprise or two.  Molly realizes how lucky she is to have had this experience and to have Sarah as a big sister.


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