Fancy Nancy: My Family History by Jane O’Connor

Fancy Nancy is a favorite of many little girls.  This new addition to the series has Fancy Nancy and her classmates writing reports about their ancestors.  Fancy Nancy talks to her grandfather to see if any of her ancestors were famous or had exciting adventures; she is disappointed to learn that they seemed quite ordinary (a fancy word for plain).  While writing her report, she embellishes the truth to make her report more interesting.  When she realizes that her grandpa is coming to school, she remembers the story he told about his father and lying, realizes that she has lied, and rewrites her report.  When grandpa arrives, he brings something along that leads Fancy Nancy to believe she got “being fancy” from her great-grandfather.  This Fancy Nancy story reinforces the concept that exaggerating (a fancy word for stretching the truth) is really lying.  This book also gets the reader to think about how they are related to those who came before them; it is a way to introduce the subject of genealogy and ancestors (a fancy word for people in your family who lived long ago) to the reader.    My Family History is another charming addition to the Fancy Nancy series.


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