Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

I remember my daughter and her friends being really into this book back when they were in junior high (she’s headed off to college on Saturday).  I had always intended to take a look at it, but never did until I recently saw a poster advertising the movie based on the book.

Flipped is the story of two neighbors, Bryce and Julianna, who meet when Bryce moves into the neighborhood when they are in second grade.  The book is told in a he-said, she-said alternating format as they mature on their way to becoming 8th graders.  It starts out with Julianna having an immediate crush on Bryce and he running scared from her.  Eventually everything flips and he begins to like her just as she begins to decide she’s just not that into him.

The novel is cute and humorous, but does touch on some serious subjects along the way.  Van Draanen’s characters are well-rounded, even the secondary characters of the story.  It is a quick enjoyable read that should make a great family movie.


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