Suddenly Supernatural: Unhappy Medium by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

With the current popularity of all things supernatural, the Suddenly Supernatural series about a girl who can see ghosts is sure to be a hit with pre-teen girls.  Book 3 in the series is Unhappy Medium, where the main character Kat accompanies her best friend Jac and Jac’s mother to a young musician’s convention taking place at a mountain retreat.  Once at the large, old, haunted Whispering Pines Mountain House, Kat begins communicating with a long-dead medium who hasn’t yet realized she has passed on.  There is also an evil presence at the retreat who seems to want to harm Kat.  As if this isn’t enough for her to deal with, Kat’s stay is also marred by fights with her best friend.  With just the right amount of mystery, paranormal scariness, relationship drama and even a little comedy, this book is sure to delight its readers.  The story is full of adventure for Kat but the pacing is just right, not too slow or too quick.  The readers are sure to look forward to Kat’s next ghostly encounter.


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