Court of Angels Trilogy by Stella Cameron

The novels Out of Body, Out of Mind, and Out of Sight by Stella Cameron are part of the Court of Angels trilogy which I hope Stella plans to continue into a full-blown out-going series.  These novels deal with the paranormally talented Millet family.  New Orleans provides a perfect backdrop for the stories. 

We are introduced to the Millet family and some of their talents in the first book, Out of Body, the story of Marley Millet.  Marley is able to travel outside her body. She meets, works with, and ultimately falls in love with ex-cop Gray Fisher to find some women who have disappeared.  Her talent leads her to be a target, but is ultimately helpful in finding out what is going on in the French Quarter of the city. 

The next book in the series is Out of Mind, the story of Marley’s sister Willow Millet, who has spent her whole life denying that she has any paranormal talent.  She and her business end up connected to a series of fatal accidents that are happening to her clients.  She is thrown back together with an old love, Ben Fortune, a member of another of New Orleans paranormal families.  Together they uncover the source of the accidents, rediscover their connection, and work to bring Marley’s talents to their full potential.

The third book is Out of Sight which deals with the most talented member of the Millet family, Marley and Willow’s brother Sykes, and Ben’s sister Poppy.  The Millet family is composed of all redheads, and following an old family legend, believe that black hair, which Sykes has, foretells a family curse.  Sykes and Poppy join forces to fight an evil force which has invaded New Orleans and targeted their, along with other, paranormal families. 

The atmospheric setting of New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for these stories of the paranormal families who dwell there.  Stella’s characters, from the major ones to the minor ones to the animals, are well-written and you come to care about them.  As I have posted on her Facebook page, I hope she continues to give us more stories of the Millet, Fortune and other paranormally talented families in the Court of Angels books.


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