The Wide-Awake Princess by E. D. Baker

E. D. Baker, author of The Frog Princess, brings us the tale of the princess who stayed awake when her sister pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and caused the whole castle to fall asleep.  Princess Annie stayed awake because she is immune to magic as a result of a christening gift from a fairy.  She feels isolated from others as her “gift” also makes magic stop working and the many members of the royal household (who owe their beauty and talents to magic) don’t want her anywhere near them.  Once everyone is asleep, Annie sets out to find the fairy who cast the sleeping spell to see if it can be reversed.  She is joined on her quest by one of the guards who was outside the castle when the spell took place.  On their journey, Annie and Liam run into many famous fairy tale folk and gather a number of princes to come back with them to attempt to wake her sister.  Annie’s tale is also one of self-discovery as she begins to recognize what she can accomplish and to see that not everyone wants her to stay away.  This charming tale does an excellent job of weaving together many well-known fairy tales into a cohesive story.  Fans of fairy tales and/or princess stories will thoroughly enjoy The Wide-Awake Princess.


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