Winter’s Passage by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase used to believe she was an ordinary teen until she made the discovery that she is actually a half-faery princess.  In this novella, she is fulfilling a promise she made to turn herself over to the Winter Court.  She travels with her forbidden love, Prince Ash, but stops along the way to visit her friend Puck.  During their travels, Meghan and Ash attract the attention of a powerful enemy hunter, who they may not be able to escape.  Kagawa’s detailed descriptions of the winter landscape made me feel Meghan’s cold as she traveled.  Meghan confusion over the sometimes loving and sometimes cold demeanor of her traveling companion were well-woven into the story and added to her uncertainty as to her fate upon reaching the Winter Court.  While at times a romance, the story is action-packed, Kagawa’s writing is engaging and  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what becomes of Meghan and how Prince Ash deals with his conflicting feelings of duty to the Winter Queen and love for Meghan. 

Winter’s Passage is a novella in Julie Kagawa’s Teen Harlequin Iron Fey series set between the novels The Iron King and The Iron Daughter (to be published August 2010).  While I read this novella as a galley from NetGalley, it is available in e-book format only from  If you loved The Iron King, be sure to read this to fill in the story of what happens between the time Meghan leaves her home and her arrival at the Winter Court in The Iron Daughter.


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