The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome

(This book review was written by me for the Park Ridge Public Library Children’s Department “Books We Love” Blog which can be found on their website at:

Would you consider inheriting a fortune to be a curse?  For thirteen year old Gerald Wilkins inheriting his great-aunt’s estate appears to be.  He had to miss his school holiday trip, his relatives all hate him, except for his parents who have abandoned him to go sail on his yacht, he’s trapped in his mansion by the paparazzi, a villain who smells of bleach is trying to get information from him and then kill him, he has his great-aunt’s possible murder to solve, and a missing diamond to try to find.  The Billionaire’s Curse, the first in the Archer Legacy trilogy, starts out with the theft of a priceless diamond from a museum in a classic locked-room mystery.  It goes on to follow Gerald’s adventures, which he embarks on with the assistance of two new friends Sam and Ruby, whom he meets when they rescue him from the bleach-smelling villain.  Their adventures take them to secret passages under the museum, sneaking into exclusive clubs and elegant country estates, climbing walls in crumbling towers and entering creepy crypts.  Gerald Wilkins is part Indiana Jones, part billionaire boy detective, and the story is a page-turning mystery adventure that will interest pre-teen and teenage boys and girls.  This excellent debut mystery has won Richard Newsome Australia’s inaugural Text Publishing Young Adult Writing Prize.  Fans of the 39 Clues series or anyone who enjoys a good mystery will want to read The Billionaire’s Curse and its sequels.


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