the short second life of bree tanner: an eclipse novella by Stephenie Meyer

This novella, by the author of the phenomenally popular Twilight series, is written from the perspective of a minor vampire character who Bella briefly encounters.  Through the eyes of Bree Tanner, the reader gets a new perspective on being a vampire, one who is a newborn member of the vampire army created to fight the Cullens.  Although readers of the Twilight novels already know the end of Bree’s story, the journey of discovery Bree takes along the way will pull the reader into her world.  These newborn vampires believe all of the “myths” traditionally associated with vampires, and they really were only created for one purpose.  Bree’s journey of discovery, along with that of her new friend Diego, opens her eyes to what she is and why she exists.  Any fan of the Twilight saga will appreciate the new perspective on Stephenie Meyers’ universe that is shown here.  My only problem with the story was the love connection between Bree and Diego. Couldn’t they have just become friends and partners?  Did Bree have to fall nearly instantly in love with him?  I found the “romance” to be a bit forced and unneccessary.  If you are a Twilight fan, you will most likely enjoy this book, but if you haven’t read any of the other books, don’t use this one to base your reading decision on.  Read Twilight first to judge what all the hoopla is about.


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